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February 26, 2008


Miss Fruitfly

I've been trying to figure out what to do with old bottle caps...this is awesome!


OMG these are adorable and so clever! I found you via SkaMamma. Delightful blog!



I stumbled across your blog today and needed to tell you how brilliant these little bottle cap boxes are! Brilliant! I am only just learning to crochet and am already cranky about the problems I'm having (it's the pattern reading that's killing me) so I can't even aspire, yet, to so small and delicate a project but really. These are incredible. What great favors for a little girl's birthday party (I don't have a little girl myself, but still) or even a big girl's party, or done up treasure-y for boys. You should consider marketing a pattern and/or selling these on etsy.


Love the bottle cap recyling - I just have to make one! They are sooo cute and would make wonderful Christmas stocking stuffers.

Pat Johnson

I just found your site by way of another crocheter. I did not come up with this idea myself but, a site I was on uses the caps like you have to a certain spot then she puts frogs etc on top;a dnmakes magnets or checker pieces for kids.

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